How to crochet a cap

Crochet is all about math. The pattern depends on number of chains and rounds,  if we miss the number we will loose the shape. When I first started to crochet a cap I was confused about  size and number of  chrochets. After so many trials finally I prepared three different sizes of caps. Now I got an idea of how many chains and rounds needed for a particular age. The above image is only on one size for men adults, big size. According to my experiments here is the number of crochets for 3 different ages.

For 6 to 10 years of age:  45 crochets.
For 11 to 15 years of age: 50 crochets.
For reamining ages : 55 to 60 crochets

( The crochets I have given above is my opinion. But every head varies even with same age. So you can increase or decrease according to your size

Pattern to crochet an adult cap for above 35years age. I have used 5.5mm Hook.

 Round 1: 6 chains and join with a slip stitch. Now you get a round shape.

 Round 2: From the middle of the circle do 10 single crochet.

From this round it is an increasing round.

Round 3: In every chain do 2 single crochet which makes the round to 20 single crochet.

Round 4: In every chain do 2 single crochet which makes the round to 40 single crochet.

These 2 rounds are  a bit different.

Round 5: Do 1 single crochet for 3 chains and in fourth chain do 2 single crochet, again do 1 single crochet upto 3 chains and in fourth chain do 2 single continue the same pattern in this round which makes to 50 single crochet.

Round 6: Do 1 single crochet for 9 chains and 2 single crochet in 10th chain, again do 1 single crochet upto 9 chains and do 2 single crochet in 10th chain, continue this pattern till the end of this round which makes a total of 55 single crochet.

The increasings rounds are completed and for remaining rounds it will be 55 single crochet.

Round 7, 8 and 9 : Do single crochet in each chain total 55 single crochet.

Start double crochet from Round 10 to 21 rounds. 

Round 10 : Start doing double crochet for each chain, total 55 single crochet.

Round 22: Do single crochet to finish the cap.

You can increase or decrease the rounds depending upon how  lengthy you want the cap.

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