How to prepare door mats from old sofa cushion covers.

Door mat is a necessity in every household. We can buy door mats from the stores. But sewing a  door mat with the old bankets, pillow covers, sofa covers  will be great way of  recycling  and it will take just 10 minutes to prepare one mat. I took some old sofa cushion cover where the zippers are spoiled and stitched a set of door mats. I got a good collection of same colour mats for the house. Here is the process of  how I stitched them. 
Take one cushion cover turn it inside out and on the side where it is open cut it straight and remove the zip. Now draw a straight line as shown in the image below.
Stitch along the line and leave a small gap at the end. From that gap pull the cloth out so that it will be in the right side as shown below. Close that gap with a hand stitch or invisible stitch.
Now lay it straight and draw lines as shown below or as you like. Stitch along the line. (you can use a contrast colour to stitch on the lines so that it will be like a design. I used the same colour).
Here is the door mat and you can stitch along the edge with contrast colour to decorate it or use as it is.

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