Sri Ekambaranathar Temple, Kanchipuram.

Sri Ekambaranadar Temple is a famous shiva temple in Kancheepuram.  It is one of the 5 major Shiva temples of Pancha Bootha Linga . (Pancha Bootha means 5 natural elements Land, Water, Sky, Fire, Wind).

Jala Lingam (Water)----Jambukeshwar.(Tamil Nadu)
Aakasha Lingam (Sky)----Chidambaram.(Tamil Nadu)
Agni Lingam (Fire)-----Arunachalam (Tamil Nadu)
Vayu Lingam (Wind)---Kalahasthi (Andhra Pradesh)
Pruthvi Lingam( Earth )---- Kancheepuram (Tamil Nadu).

This temple is called Pruthvi Lingam (  Lingam improvised out of sand). This is one of the most ancient temples of South India. The temple Inner walls were decorated with 1008 shiva lingams. This a vast big temple with a great architecture on the walls.

There is a mango tree which is of 3500 years old in this temple. The temple got it's name because of this mango tree. 
Ek means one and aam means mango and naathar is God, so it is called Ekaambaranathar temple. The description about this is written in Telugu language in below image.

This is the image of the mango tree.

It is believed that Parvathi  has done penance (thapassu)  under this  mango tree in this temple near Vegavathi River for lord Shiva. Lord Shiva married Parvathi in this place. That mango tree has four branches which depicts  four  Hindu vedas.( Yajur veda,Sama veda, Rug veda, Adharvana veda). The mangoes of the four branches will be of four different tastes though they belong to the same tree.

One of the famous shiva temple to visit in South India

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