11th June 2014, Vidyaranya Aaradhana Day

Today's Festival according to Telugu Calender.

Today 11th June 2014 is Jyeshta Suddha Thrayodasi.

Today is Vidyaranya Aaradhana Day ( he reached videha mukti on this day).

The actual name of Vidyaranya is Madhava, born to Srimati Devi and Maayanacharya. Later when he took Sanyasa he is named as Vidyaranya Swamy. He is a great saint, Hindu Philosopher and an exponent of Advaitha philosphy of Hinduism. He is the person who established VijayaNagara dynasty with Harihara raya and Bukkaraya with the blessing of Godess Bhuvaneswari Devi. 

He is the 12th  Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharadha Peetham. The sharada idol brough by adi sankara to Sringeri is of sandal wood idol. Later Vidyaranaya transformed that idol into Pancha Loha Vigraham. Even now everyday Abhishekam is conducted to this Pancha Loha idol.

Another interesting fact is that Vidyateerthulu is the Guru of Vidyaranya swamy. The Guru asked Vidyaranya to make him sajiva samadhi and keep it as it is for 12 years and after 12 years the Guru came into the dream of Vidyaranya and asked him to contrsuct a temple on his Samadhi.  The temple is named of VidyaSankara and it has 12 pillars. The 12 pillars have the names of 12 Raasi starting Mesha to Meena.The sun will be in one Rassi every month. The interesting fact is that the sun light will be only on one pillar and that will be the raasi in which the sun resides in that month. All the remaining pillars does not get the sunlight. 

There are still the traces of Vidyaranya in Sringeri and Vidyanagaram. In sringeri there is a special temple dedicated to Vidyaranya swami to perform pujas.

A day to be remembered after Swami Vidyaranya.

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