How to crochet a Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bag---- A four block traditional granny square joined  into a good looking hand bag. It takes some time to prepare this Granny Square bag. I want to desgin a bag on my own and with granny squares in my mind I have started extending it with some single crochets and finally got a pattern. I did not completed it on one go as it requires much time, so was doing it whenever I find some time to do that. Here is the detailed pattern with photos.

Things you need:

Wool: 3 colours
Crochets needle: 5.5 mm hook
Sewing needle and thread


Prepare 8 granny squares.  4 squares for front and 4 for back side of the bag.You can see the granny square pattern in my other post. (Granny Square Pattern). I have used blue and white colours.

Take red colour yarn, crochet 6 chains and join with slip stitch.
Do 3 chains, 2 double crochet from the circle. 3 chains 3 double crochet,  3 chains 3 double crochet and again 3 chains 3 double crochet. Join with slip stitch. This pattern is like the first round of the granny square.

Above the 3 double crochet do 3 single crochet till 14 lines. As shown in the below image.

Do this on 4 sides which forms like a cross as shown in below image.

Attach the four granny squares to that cross with single crochet. After joining all the four squares do single crochet on four sides with white colour wool like a border.

Prepare 2 sets like this one for front side and another for the back side of the bag.

Instead of attaching front and back as it is I have extended  the front part with single crochets.

For that do single crochet with red colour wool  for 7 lines on four sides of  the front part.

Join the front and back parts with single crochet.

From the top extend the red colour single crochet up to the length you need and join it to the other side to form a sling.

For closing I prepared a different pattern.

From the top on the first chain do 3 double crochet  leave 2 chains again do 3 double crochet on the fourth chain and leave 2 chains, do 3 double crochet on the seventh chain. Continue till the end.
At the end do 2 chains and turn back for the second row.
Do 3 double crochet from the middle or scallops continue and leave the last scallop. Do 2 chains and turn back for the third row and  continue upto 4 lines. From 2 nd row leave the last scallop on both ends to get slanting shape.

Stitch a button on the middle of the two granny squares for closing

As with the pattern there are gaps between crochets you can add fabric inside the bag  to safe gaurd against small things  falling down from the bag.

Feel free to comeback with your feedback .

Happy Crochet.

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