The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles a book written 100 years ago.   The title attracted me to go into the details of the book  and started  listening to this audio book. 

 It has 17 chapters and can be listened within a span of  2 hours. I started listening to this book after first 2 chapters why we need to be rich and meaning of being rich. It says, there is a scientific way to get rich and to be rich is not just earning money and enjoying worldly pleasures but it is helping yourself and others. Later it goes on with the Principle of the Scientific Way of Getting Rich. 

Some of the interesting points which got my attention

Be Creative and not Competitive in your work. As competing with others always distracts our mind from what we do. With this we will be in a hurry to do the work with the fear of failure or feeling that someone steals our success.

There is a certain way to do the work  and do it in that way with the available resources.  Maximum utilization of what we have in the present and seizing the opportunities we have rather than waiting for something which we don't have with us helps us to reach the success.

The thought process and its effect on our work. 

Gratitude and acknowledging of what we get from the God. We are blessed with so many things in the world and thanking god for whatever we have makes us to realise the importance of the things we have.

Learning something new everyday improves our life by making a difference between yesterday and today. 

Always give the other person more than what you get from them, which makes them happy and which will be helpful to us again in other way.

After finishing this book I felt that this improves confidence,  gives us a different way to the approach towards the work we do and leads us to a new way to success. 

Feel free to come back with your comments.

Happy reading.

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