What is on 13th June 2014

Today's importance according to Hindu Calender.

Today is Jyeshta  Pournami. 15th day Jyeshta Month.

EEruvaaka Pournami and Savithri Vratham are performed on this day.

Eruvaaka is related to farmers. Eruvaka meaning Plough, a wooden part used to plow the fields by the farmers. As the Rainy Season starts now with the rain water the earth will be ready for farming. Today Farmers decorate the Ox and feed them with  rice and perform pooja to it. Farmers feel this as an auspicious day and celebrate the festival.

Savithri Vratham --- A puja performed to Savitri and Santyavanta idols  by married woman for the well being of their husbands.On this day women observe fasting and Jagaram and Listen to Savithri story who saved her husband Satyavanta  from  Yama ( God of death ) who carries away her husband to death.

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