What is on 19th June 2014?

Today 19th June 2014 is jyeshta Bahula Saptami.

According to hindu calender Yamuna nadi Pushkaralu starts from this day. 

The meaning of pushkaram  is "one which purifies".Pushkaram is a festival in India where rivers are worshipped. It occurs once in 12 years for each of the 12 rivers.  It starts on the day when jupiter enters into the zodiac sign of the respective river and ends when it moves out of that zodiac sign. 
Yamuna, is the largest river originated from Yamunotri and crosses several states and passes through Delhi  before merging with Ganges at Triveni Sangamam, Allahabad. This river is associated with Lord Krishna, when he was born Vasudeva took him to Repalle by crossing the river where the river gives way to him as he is carrying Lord Krishna.

Yamuna river zodiac sign is cancer. This year yamuna pushkarams starts on 19th June when the Jupiter enter into karkataka raasi (Cancer)  and ends on 30th June.  It is believed that a holy dip taken in the river on the days of pushakram relieves one from all the sins and get purified by the holy water, as the cosmic energy enters into the heads of the people when they dip in the river. These 12 days are regarded as very auspicious as all gods and godesses, pithru devathas reside on the river. People do special rites to ancestors on the banks of the river. 

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