Jaganath Raytha Yatra

Today 18th July 2014. Aashada sudha vidiya,  called as jagannatha kshetre radhotsva.

Lord Jaganatha is the Avathar of Lord krishna. Jaganatha temple is situated at Puri, Orissa State of India.

The Jaganath Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) is a huge festival  performed on this day with the 3 main dieties Jaganatha Swamy (Lord Krishna), Lord Balarama and Subhadra. Lord Balarama is the brother of Lord Krishna .
The Subadra here is  Maya Devi, who is called with 12 names like Bhadra, Subhadra, Badra kali....

There is a story behind Maya Devi: Kamsa is a demon king and  the brother of Devakidevi (Lord Krishna's mother). He wants to kill all the children  his sister gives birth to because of the threat he has from her children. In the process he kills 6 children. Then when Devaki devi was pregnant at the 7 th time this Maya Devi transfers the child from her womb to Rohini's womb and that child is Balarama. When Devakidevi delivers the eighth child(Lord Krishna), Mayadevi will be in the womb of Yasoda and both the children were exchanged to save the Devaki devi's  child from Kamsa. Kamsa take that girl child (Maya devi) and forcibly threw her down then immediately she flew to the sky with her Maya and announces Kamsa that the one who kills him is safe somewhere and definitely will kill him.

These three dieties were carried in Chariot with idols decorated very beautifully according to the ancient traditions. 

The names of the 3 chariots are: 

Lord Jaganath: Nandighose
Lord Balabhadra: Taladwaja
Lord Subadra: Devadalan

These chariots are prepared every year according to the ancient specifications colourfully.
These three are carried  to Gundicha temple (King Indradyumna's Queen) which is 3 kms away from the temple. They return again to the main temple on the ninth day. It is believed that whoever take part and pull the ratha is freed from all sins.
The consort of Jaganath Godess Lakshmi temple is situated at a distant place in the Puri temple premises. It is believed that after returning from Gundicha Temple to Puri godess Lakshmi will not open the doors for 3 days till then   Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra await outside the door.

The famous poem recited during this fesival is

NIlachala Nivasaya  NityAya ParamAthmane
SubhadrA BalaBhadrAbyAm JagaNaaThaaya Mangalam.

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