Light weight crochet scarf

A crochet  scarf with an easy pattern. I have another blog post about simple crochet scarf. Nearest to that pattern but the gap between crotchets is wider to make it light weight. The pattern is in multiples of 5. Here I used 30 chains. So you can extend the width of the scarf in multiples of 5. 


For first row do 36 chains.

Second row: Leave 6 chains and in the 7 th chain do 1 double crochet, do 4 chains in the 5th chain 1 double crochet and continue to the end.

Third row: Do 6 chains and do 1 double crochet from the 5th chain of the previous row. Again 4 chains from the 5 the chain of the previous row do 1 double crochet. Continue to the end. 

I have prepared 90 rows. You can do it as lengthy you need. 

A thin crochet scarf to wear in light winter weather.

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