Vidya Saraswathi Temple, Vargal.

Sri Vidya Saraswathi temple is in vargal, Medak district, Hyderabad, Telengana State. It is 48 kilometers from Hyderabad. 

The Idol in this temple is Godess Saraswathi, Consort of Brahma and God of education in Hinduism. The saraswathi idol is beautiful with yellow in colour holding Veena ( a musical instrument) in her hand.

The temple came into  existence because of a scholar, astrologer and follower of Godess Saraswathi, named Sri Yamavaram Chandrasekhara  Sharma. It is constructed on a small hill surrounded by a valley. 

Other temples on the same hill: 

Vijaya Ganapathi temple,
Sanischara temple
Lord shiva temple. 

Lord Shiva temple is of 400 years old  and is 2 feet below the ground. People has to crawl  for few feet to go to this shiva temple. There are some other vaishnava temples which got damaged completely without any traces. There is a victory pillar which has the Statues of SitaRama, Lakhsmana and Godess Lakshmi.

The  sanischara idol is 3 feet and this is the big idol in Andhrapradesh. Til Oil Abhishekam,  is a special pooja performed  for God Shani. Saturdays and  Shani Trayodasi day is special for Sanischara Abhishekam.

Special poojas  in this temple are Dussehara navarathri and Moola nakshatram pooja ( birth star of Godess Saraswathi).

This temple is operated by Kanchi mutt and free meals (Annadanam) provided to the devotees daily. 

There is a Veda Patasala (school for teaching Vedas) near the temple premises offering education to nearly 300 people with accommodation.

A temple to be visited for Sanischara and Godess Saraswathi.

Happy Piligrimage.

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