Lord Subramanyeswara Temple, Mopidevi

Mopidevi is the name of a small village in Krishna district. The village is famous for the temple of Lord Subramanyeswara. It is near to vijayawada, Repalle and Machilipatnam.

The main diety of the temple is of  Lord Subramnya, the son of Shiva and Parvathi.

This is a swayambhu ( came itself out of earth) temple. Lord subramanya did penance in disguise in the form of snake to relieve from his foray. The story behind this is Once 4 Rishis called as Sanaka, Sanatana Sanandana, Sanatkumara ( these 4 called as Sanaka sanandadulu) who were great saints, detached from this worldly pleasures and did not covered their body with clothes went to  Kailasamu to pray Lord shiva and Parvathi. At the same time Godess swaha devi, sachi devi, Saraswathi and lakshmi came there. Lord subramanya who was sitting on the lap of Parvathi chuckled by seeing both of them who were completely contrast in their dressing. Parvathi reproved subramanyeswara for his act. Later he realised his mistake and took permission to do penance. Then he did penance for several years and removed his folly. The place where he did penance is called as Mopidevi. This is the only temple of Subramnayeswara where the idol is with Shivalingam and snake. All other temples of Lord Subramaneswara will be of diety.

There is  a tree called Nagavali or Nagavalli.  The flowers of the tree are in the shape shivalingam and snake.

There is an ant hill  behind the temple which is very famous and People offer milk  at that place.

Popular festival celebrated here is Subramnaya sashti which falls in the month of December (  6 th day of Margasira masam ).

Happy piligrimage.

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