Babies on the move

About babies: I had a post previously about babies,their growth and development (Enjoy...Struggle, Development and Growth of Baby).

This is the continuation of that post. For the first six months babies lay down on the bed and roll over but cannot move. They learn and develop on their own with their commitment and dedication. From 7 months they can able to crawl, hold the furniture and cruise along the house. They reach near an object. They become more mobile. 

They are on the way in exploring this new world. The later part of the first year is entirely opposite of what has been for the first six months. How excited and interested they are in exploring the things. They want to touch every object to feel the texture as everything is completely new for them and everything ends up in their mouth.  As they crawl they can able to find tiny objects on the floor, which we cannot see and they put them in their mouth. They clap hands if they find anything interesting. 

They want to drop everything on the floor to listen the sound. The most  funny thing is they drop even a  paper and polythene cover to listen the sound. We elders are irritated with sounds but babies are interested in any object which sounds more. They want to hold water coming from the tap. Eventhough they fail still they don't turn down just go on trying to hold water. They want to catch flies and ants. They want to hold vapour coming from hot beverages. 

Some babies go through stranger anxiety where they cry if they see any new person. Though they cannot speak they understand what we say and when they near to their first birthday they can wave their hands respond to what we say with them in their language and they take their first steps. They babble a lot and always move around.

From the first 6 months we learn how much commitment and dedication they have and from later part of the year we know how energetic and enthusiastic they are in learning new things.

It is an excited, memorable and wonderful journey with baby after one year. We learn so many things about babies if we observe every move they do. 

Happy Reading.

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