Kunthi Madhava Temple, Pithapuram.

Kunthi Madhava Temple is a famous  temple situated in Pithapuram, East Godavari District, Andhrapradesh. It is one of the ancient Vaishnava temples and of Pancha Madhava Divya Kshetram. It is nearer to the famous Kukkuteswara swamy temple in Pithapuram.

Indra, the king of Gods killed a demon called Vruthrasura. To clean himself from the sin he created Pancha Madhavas and Kunthi Madhava temple is one of them. In Tretayuga Sita Rama and in Dwaparayuga Kunti Devi worshipped this Diety.

The main diety of this temple is Sri Rajya Lakshmi Sametha Kunti Madhava Swamy. Other dieties in this temple are Sri Kodadevi, Alwars and Sri Ramanujacharyulu.

The  Pancha Madhava temples are 

Bindu Madhava Temple in Varanasi. it is near Ganga Ghat.

Venu Madhava Temple in Prayaga

Kunti Madhava Temple in Pitapuram

Setu Madhava Temple in Rameswaram. It is near setu Madhava Theertham.

Sundhara Madhava Temple in ThiruvananthPurM, Kerala. It is near Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple.

Along with daily pooja special poojas are performed during Krishnaashtami, Dhanurmasam.

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