How to store vegetables to stay fresh and last longer

Vegetables are perishable goods and storing it carefully is a must to have them fresh and last longer. Generally anyone go for vegetable shopping once a week and if we have a busy schedule sometimes it get extended to a fortnight. Even  if we store in refregirator, unless we do it carefully they get spoiled or does not stay fresh . 

Here are few ideas to store vegetables:

  1. Tomatoes: Take a bowl and fill it with water and add some salt. Keep tomatoes in that bowl. It stays fresh longer.
  2.  Ladys Finger or Okra : Always store ladys finger in a paper bag rather than in a polythene cover.
  3. Never keep Potatoes and Onions together.
  4. Always remove the stems of green chillies and store them in airtight containor. The stems will spoil the green chillies and removing them will make less clutter while cooking.
  5. Leafy vegetables : Cut the roots of Leafy Vegetables which has dirt and remove any spoilt leaves. Store them in air tight containor.
  6. Always cut the stem of bottlegourd. If we keep the stem it will make the bottle gourd hard.
Happy Cooking.

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